Your Inner Insect was born as a reflection on the theme of metamorphosis through the eyes of Franz Kafka. In his book The Metamorphosis (1916) the author links complex psychological conditions to an insect, a cockroach.

The website consists of a guided experience where users can explore their social insecurities by answering some questions through different types of interactions. Each question is associated with a different insect’s body part. By answering each question the user will be assigned different types of insect’s body parts according to the answer selected. At the end of the test, all the body parts combined will give shape to a new kind of insect, your inner insect. All the inner insects created by previous users can then be viewed in the Archive, where they can be sorted by various parameters.

All the insects illustrations are from Beetles of Russia and Western Europe (1915) by G. G. Jacobson, retrieved from

The project was developed during the Creative Coding course at Politecnico di Milano, MA in Communication Design (2021-22).


Andrea Benedetti

Tommaso Elli

Michele Mauri